Harriet Hulme

Harriet Hulme holds a BA from the University of Leeds (2007) and both an MA (2010) and a PhD (2016) in Comparative Literature from University College London. During her doctorate, she spent three months as a fully-funded Visiting Assistant in Research at Yale University. Her PhD research focused upon the ethical theories of translation offered by Benjamin, Deleuze, Derrida and Ricœur as part of an interrogation of ethical as well as political thought within the work of three bilingual European authors; the monograph arising from her thesis, entitled Ethics and Aesthetics of Translation, is due to be published by UCL Press in 2018. Her work has also appeared in the peer-reviewed journal Comparative Critical Studies and in two edited volumes.

Harriet’s research project at HKU is entitled On the Threshold: Locating an Ethics of Hospitality Between Home and Homelessness. Inspired by her academic interest in issues of cultural and linguistic exchange and by her 16,000 km cycle trip across Europe and Asia, this is a strongly interdisciplinary project, focusing upon a range of twentieth and twenty-first century texts from a variety of cultures and languages. Taking a geoliterary approach, which maps questions of physical location and movement onto questions of textual location and movement, her research explores the ways in which the tension between home and homelessness informs our contemporary response towards hospitality. The project is conceived as a three-year venture, during which Harriet expects to produce three articles and prepare a second monograph for publication.

Email: hhulme@hku.hk

At HKU, Harriet is affiliated to the School of English

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