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Monica Steinberg, “(Im)Personal Matters: Intimate Strangers and Affective Market Economies,” Oxford Art Journal 42, no. 1 (Spring 2019), online: https://doi.org/10.1093/oxartj/kcy026 



20181210-publication-elephant-castle-john-e1544416473915.pngJohn Gabriel, “Twentieth-Century Ideologies of ‘Late Style’ in the Reception of Elliott Carter’s Music,” Elephant & Castle: laboratorio dell’immaginario 18 (November 2018), online: http://cav.unibg.it/elephant_castle/web/saggi/twentieth-century-ideologies-of-late-style-in-the-reception-of-elliott-carter-s-music/279


Issue Cover

Monica Steinberg, “Naming: Heteronymy and the Imaginary Artists of George Herms,” American Art, 2018, v. 32, no. 2, online: https://www.journals.uchicago.edu/doi/full/10.1086/699609


Issue CoverNathanel Amar, ““你有freestyle吗?” (Do you freestyle?) The Roots of Censorship in Chinese Hip-hop”, China Perspectives, 2018/1-2, online: http://www.cefc.com.hk/article/ni-you-freestyle-ma-roots-chinese-hip-hop-censorship/


China Perspectives 2017/4Nathanel Amar, Review: “Yiu-Wai Chu, Hong Kong Cantopop: A Concise History“, China Perspectives, 2017/4, online: http://www.cefc.com.hk/article/yiu-wai-chu-hong-kong-cantopop-a-concise-history/


Issue CoverRobert Kramm, “Haunted by Defeat: Imperial Sexualities, Prostitution, and the Emergence of Postwar Japan,” Journal of World History 28, No. 3&4, Special Issue: Gender and Empire (2017): 587-614.


Cover ImageRobert Kramm, Sanitized Sex: Regulating Prostitution, Venereal Disease, and Intimacy in Occupied Japan, 1945-1952 (Oakland: University of California Press, 2017).

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