Activity Notes (1st Semester, 2018/19)

Dr. John Gabriel This semester, John gave presentations on the German musical imaginary of China in the 1920s at the annual conference of the German Studies Association, on the role of jazz in the Communist propaganda music of Hanns Eisler at the conference “Machines in the Musical Imagination” at the University of Ottawa, on radio... Continue Reading →

November 19: David Pomfret – “Springs Eternal: Toward a Global History of Rejuvenation”

Society of Fellows Lecture Series, Fall 2018 David Pomfret, HKU, Department of History “Springs Eternal: Toward a Global History of Rejuvenation” Human dreams of prolonging the lifetime and conquering death appear trans-historical. This makes it difficult to pinpoint a particular historical moment when the war on aging commenced. However, in recent years scholars have argued... Continue Reading →

November 5: Eli Park Sorensen, CUHK: “Monopolizing the Future: Carl Schmitt’s Exception and Sci-fi Movies”

Society of Fellows in the Humanities Lecture Series Fall 2018 Eli Park Sorensen, Chinese University of Hong Kong “Monopolizing the Future: Carl Schmitt’s Exception and Sci-fi Movies” November 5, 2018, 4PM Room 436, Run Run Shaw Tower, Centennial Campus, The University of Hong Kong This paper explores possible affinities between Carl Schmitt’s concept of the... Continue Reading →

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